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Indefensible Podcast

Five stories of  people who are fighting deportation cases around the U.S.

Indefensible is a podcast series brought to you by the Immigrant Defense Project. These are stories from people who are standing up and holding out; fighting to be with their families. They say they’re here to stay.

My role: Story Editor and Consultant | Produced by Will Coley

Interfaith Radio
The Zen Thing

This 15-minute feature is the second part of a series about Chaplains.

Koshin Paley Ellison is one of a small but growing number of chaplains in the United States who are Buddhists. In fact, Koshin is a Zen Buddhist monk. He works in hospice, and his goal is to take "the Zen thing" out into the world...and the change the very nature of caregiving itself.

Co-produced by Will Coley and KalaLea. Music by LD Brown.

Latino USA
Non-traditional Traditions
featuring Leonardo Benzant

As a visual artist, Leonardo Benzant digs deep to produce work that has been described as “otherworldly” and “transformative.”

What most people don’t know is that it’s been a long road for him to gain the respect from his family, his Mother in particular, when spirituality is involved. She is a devout Christian and Benzant is an initiate in Palo Mayombe and a practitioner of the Yoruba religion, one of the largest African traditions south of the Sahara Desert.

While in a forest near his home in Queens, Benzant shares the painful memory of being shunned by his family after he announced his decision to practice traditions related to the ancient African religion.

Produced by KalaLea. Music by Stone.

Latino USA
Mexico's Lydia Cacho on Bravery and Journalism

Lydia Cacho believes that it’s the responsibility of every citizen to be a human rights activist, no matter the profession, but says that it’s even more critical for journalists.

In this interview, Cacho shares stories from the start of her career as one of Mexico’s most courageous investigative journalists. After the release of her book, Los demonios del Edén (The Demons of Eden), Cacho was kidnapped, tortured and sexually assaulted in retaliation.

Despite numerous threats and attempts on her life, Cacho manages to stay optimistic while working as an educator and journalist in Mexico during a time where many journalists are feeling vulnerable.

Produced by KalaLea.